Zone scientific library of the Tver state technical university - the largest scientific and technical library of Tver and the Tver area. Becoming of library is closely connected with a history of formation and development of the university based in 1922 as the Moscow peat institute. The staff of library that year consisted of one employee, and the library fund of MPI was formed of isolated collections, libraries of establishments and organizations of a peat structure. 

In 1958 ŐPI was transferred to Kalinin, transfer of library fund more than 4 years proceeded.The first librarians ĖBasharina Antonina Ivanovna, Yakovleva Anna Yakovlevna, Sigunyaeva Valentina Mikhailovna,Leonova Natalia Georgievna have taken out on the shoulders all difficulties of moving, have carried out complete inventory and arrangement of the library fund, completed its new editions and did not stop to serve the readers.  

In April, 1965 the Kalinin peat institute was reorganized in polytechnical, that has entailed reconsideration of the thematic plan of acquisition of library. It became the beginning of rough growth of library fund, development of structure of library, increase of quantity of readers.

Since 1976 the Zone scientific library of the TSTU is the methodical centre for 42 high school libraries and more than 300 libraries of average special educational institutions in 10 areas of the Centre of Russia and has the interregional status. Into structure of region enter Bryansk, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tula, Yaroslavl areas. The methodical study of the library of the TSTU provides close connection between libraries in the decision of a wide circle of questions of practical library activity of all region, organizing scientific - practical conferences, seminars, meeting.

With the purpose of search of  new forms and methods of work the library constantly analyzes the activity on directions: optimization of a way of the book, reader's requirement, bibliographic information: use of various departments of fund; the analysis of organization of information work, bookproviding of educational process.

From the beginning of the 90-th years at university the purposeful work on humanisation of education, expansion of the list of socio-economic and interdisciplinary natural - technical specialities began. Today the TSTU- large versatile high school,which has carried out transition to multilevel structure of preparation of the experts. The library of high school lives its life, participates in all transformations occurring at the university, actively reacts to them.

The employees of library were repeatedly marked by the Honourable letters and Letters of Thanks of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Honourable letters of the Governor and Legislative assembly of the Tver area, chapter of Tver. There is in the collective a Deserved worker of culture of the Russian Federation, Honourable workers of maximum vocational training, Deserved workers of the TSTU.

Richest diversified fund of the ZNB in 1 mln. 900 thousand copies contains educational, scientific, reference media, domestic and foreign magazines, various kinds of the normative-engineering specifications, patents, reports on research work and skilled - design development, dissertations and auto abstracts of the dissertations.

Since 1984 the library receives a paid obligatory copy.

Fund of the rare editions of the ZNB - one of most unique funds of the Tver area reflecting a history of development of natural sciences and engineering in Russia XvIII - beginning of the XX-th century. The basis of rare fund is made by a collection of the domestic and foreign books on peat XvIII-XIX c.,, which volume - 1738 names, including 381 in foreign languages; 24 books are issued in XvIII - XIX ‚‚. The earliest editions of a collection - " the Composition about peat " of the German scientist Abilgardt Zeren (1776), " About peat and its extraction in France " of master of chemistry V. Shmidt(1858), " the Index of the mainest literature about bogs and peat bogs of European Russia and their recycling in an agriculture and industry " (1896), containing 608 names of the books XVII - XIX ‚‚., both many other printed and hand-written editions on peat and bogstuding, the analogues with which are not present in the world.

Rare fund is rich also in technical  literature, in which has found reflection condition of an engineering idea in Russia XVII - beginning XX in.

Within many years the scientific activity at the university is accompanied by the information maintenance on the part of information-bibliographic service of zone scientific library, the bulletins of new receipts of the literature, bibliographic indexes, thematic selection of the documents are issued.

The active introduction of the Automated information-library system began from 1994, that has allowed to organize service of the consumers of the information in a new mode. Since 2000 the library works above the project " Information commonwealth of the Tver libraries ", which program " Corporate library networks of the Tver region " has received the grant of Institute " an Open society" of  SOROS fund.